International Colloquium on Theoretical Aspects of Computing

ICTAC 2022: Call for Organisers

Any group or institution wishing to host this event are invited to send their proposals. The priority is for the event to be located in a developing country.

Proposals will be evaluated by the ICTAC steering committee.

Proposal Format and Submission

Proposals should be no more than four pages in length and should contain:

• Brief description of why the event is of interest to the proposer.

• Vision for the event, including its aims, the expected format and scale.

• An estimation of expected attendance, based, for example, on presence of a local community in the area and costs of travel to various parts of the world and local expenses.

• A description of the relevant qualifications and experience of the proposers, especially regarding conference organisation logistics.

• A description of the facilities that will be available for the event and to support the organizers.

• The contact information of the proposed organising committee.

Please, note that the choice of a PC chair will be subject to later discussion with the Steering Committee and should not be part of this proposal.

Please, send your proposal (in PDF format) and any inquiries to Martin.Leucker@isp.uni-luebeck.de.

Important Dates

Submission of proposals: August 22nd, 2021

Notification of results: September 5th, 2021